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Organic Vs. Inorganic

I get asked all the time if I would do a pro and con list of organic vs. inorganic. I wish I could say I have been organic my entire life, but I was using miracle grow long before I was using compost, worm castings, and rock dust, I was simply using what I has available to me. I Thought I would take this oppertunity now to do what everyone has been asking me to do, I ask that you look at this post with an open mind, and know that not everyone has the ability to grow organically, and while I prefur that method over any, I will never be found ridiculing someone for growing their own food regardless of the method. With that asside lets look at unbiased pros and cons of organic vs. inorganic.                                                                               

Pros: Cons:
Fast acting Salt buildup
Noticable results Kills microbial life
Easy to apply Leeching/ runnoff into watertable
Completely water soluable Burns plants


Pros: Cons:
Feeds microbial life/ builds soil Slow release
natural Slightly more expensive 
Safe for pets & children Covers less area 
non-burning More time to notice results
no salt buildup Not completely water soluble


In conclusion, I choose organic growing because it is created in nature, it is truely sustainable agriculture, and a garden should not be rushed. Everything good in life takes time, and for fresh amazing taasting vegetables, it is worth the wait. I also like building my soil up so that it actually results in less work the following year. Also, Organic might be slower acting, but it also stays in your soil longer, requiring less fertilizer over time. It is rewarding since it is like a puzzle, and each part of an organic puzzle is a piece of that puzzle. whereas inorganic is like a puzzle that was solved and  sold to you already assembled. 




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