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How I Make a DIY Garden Stamp


 The garden stamp is a great tool for ensuring even spacing between plants when direct seeding, and it also ensures proper seed depth. I set out to devise a method of making a DIY version since the original model costs around $10-15. A bit to expensive. Little to my surprise Imade one for around one dollar. Yep.. $1 



  • (1) 12"X12" piece of OSB/composite board/plywood 
  • (4 to 36) 1/4" wooden dowel pieces cut in 1" to 1/2" lengths
                     (your choice on the quantity and depth as it varies)

      TIP: Ask your local hardware store if they have any scrap wood      this can make the project almost free. 
  • Ruler 
  • permanent marker 
  • wood glue 

Step 1: Take your 12"X12" piece of plywood and measure using your ruler making a dot every 2 inches along the length of the board. 
Step 2: Repeat step one for all sides making a mark every 2 inches.
Step 3: Connect the lines using the ruler or straight edge on both the length and the width.
              TIP: If you did this step correctly, you should have formed perfect 2"X2" squares 
Step 4: At the interection of every line put a dot of wood glue about the size of a pea.
Step 5: Stick one (1) of the 1/2" cut dowel pieces on each dot of wood glue.
Step 6: Allow glue to dry
Step 7: (OPTIONAL) Attatch a handle to the back of the board for ease of pressing in and pulling out of the soil

NOTE: This method makes a 2 inch garden stamp. If you would like to make a wider one, simply go in multiples of 12 (ex. 2,3,4,6,12) this will allow you to plant efficiently in a square foot method without the hassle of guessing the correct spacing and depth. 



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