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Our Roots

My name is Luke Marion, I Founded MIgardener in 2011 with the intent to inspire others to grow a garden, live healthier lives, and have fun doing it all with the help of social media. In 2014 my beautiful fiance joined me in the dream and with her career in graphic design, and knowledge of healthy food she created infograms and a series titled midweek snack. In 2015 Sindy and I got married and dedicated our full attention to building MIgardener, working in the 100% organic garden, and working to achieve financial independance by opening up our very own seed store!

Together we are the brain behind MIgardener. We began on YouTube and came up with the slogan “Grow Big or Go Home” to help drive home my mission. We believe that when you put 100% effort into something, you will get 110% back. Today MIgardener can be found on Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. My ultimate goal is to be on every social media stream, and be the go to place for free gardening information whether it be video, picture, or just in community involvement. MIgardener has grown from where it began in 2011, and will continue to grow.

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The wonderful world of gardening awaits you. Each article is crafted to inform, motivate, or inspire your love for gardening regardless of skill level.

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Interested in shopping a real-life seed store? Look no further! Shopping online is always possible, but if you’re in the area we encourage you to stop by!

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