Jersey Knight Asparagus Dormant Crown (4ct)

SKU: 00ASP03
Jersey Knight Asparagus Dormant Crown (4ct)
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Jersey Knight Asparagus Dormant Crown (4ct)

SKU: 00ASP03
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Jersey Knight Asparagus Crowns (4ct.)

2-year-old crowns

The most widely commercially grown variety for disease resistance, yield, and winter survival rate. Plants produce super thick stalks and can survive decades if kept healthy. Tender if eaten fresh or cooked. The plants are cold hardy to zone 3 to zone 9. These crowns are mature and ready to grow the moment you plant them.

As soon as you get these plants, they must be planted. fertilize with a well-balanced fertilizer and water well. Bury the entire crown so that the tip of the crown is around 2 inches below the soil level. This will protect the crown from any cold weather. Do not harvest the first year. Let plants become established before harvesting.

Watch the video below on how to plant your asparagus crowns. 

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