Welcome to MIgardener.com

by Halley -Author at MIGardener

As my first post on this fabulous new website, I would like to thank you for checking us out! I am the MIgardener, my real name is Luke, and my fiance's name is Sindy. Together, we work very hard at bringing you the best information on a multitude of social media platforms, so this Blog will just be another one to check into often to see what we are up to. I am briefly going to go over what you will expect to see on MIgardener, and what to look forward to as well. you can find our youtube at:

What to expect:
-Organic gardening
-sustainable methods
-hydroponic and aquaponic setups
-easy how-to's
-DIY projects
-healthy cooking
-fun garden related episodes

What to look forward to:
-Plant care 101 series
-homesteading 101 series
-fertilizer spike test (which spikes perform the best)
-landscaping with vegetables

There is a lot more that will be coming, and a lot more that we do, but that should be enough to get you interested, and then go and discover what else we have to offer! you can find us as well on pinterest, twitter, facebook, tumblr, and instagram.

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