Farmers Almanac Prediction for Summer of 2014

by Halley -Author at MIGardener

farmers almanac  The farmers almanac has always been a little part of folklore when it comes to gardening or farming. The Farmers almanac is a long term prediction as to what the upcoming season will be. 

According to the weather channel "The farmers almanac uses nothing but historical trends to predict what the weather will be, however should not be used as an information source since it is 100% impossible to predict the weather even more than 2 weeks away." 

But rather ironically, the farmers almanac is a trusted guide by many farmers and gardeners since it has an accuracy of around 68%. Which is shocking for something that is basically flipping a coin. None the less, this is what the general predictions are for the continental United states:

Great lakes region: Hotter than average and dry
East coast: Hotter than average, wet, and humid
Texas region: Hotter than average, dry
West coast: 
Northern portion - normal conditions
                  Southern Portion -  Hotter than normal, wet
Great Plains region: Hotter than normal, Wet
Loisianna Region: Normal conditions
Nevada/desert region: Hotter than normal, dry (as if that one wasn't assumed) 


All I can say is that the winter prediction was spot on for us, but man... I hope it won't be spot on this summer. That was brutal! Either way, regardless of right or wrong, the farmers almanac will continue to be a source of entertainment for me and many people.

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