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Benefits of Growing With a Grow Tower

I have been growing in a home made grow tower that I constructed for $6. The benefts are so impressive that I thought I would make a blog post on it. One thing I like to stress is that A grow tower uses vertical space, instead of precious horizontal space. I think that is where we will be going with sustainabe agriculture as our population increases, and we move into smaller and smaller lots, the amount of food we will need to produce is even more. The only way we can grow more food is to grow up instead of out. 

My design is a self watering, self fertilizing system. On top of that, it fertilizes using composting worms. The food for the worms? Vegetable scaps from the garden. 

Other benefits of my design:
– use food scraps to create a closed system of fertilizing and waste reduction
– lowers carbon footprint
– grows more food in less space
– organic
– inexpensive
– easy to assemble

Materials you will need:
– drill
– 2 1/2 inch circle bit
– 1/4 inch drill bit
– 4 inch diameter PCV (2 foot long)
– 15 gallon drum (food grade) 
– trash bag or weed tarp




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