Grow Your Own Thanksgiving Meal Kit


Nothing beats the flavors of fall. Earthy root vegetables, and hardy warm flavors are always a recipe for a good family feast. This kit will give you everything you need to cook one of the most amazing Thanksgiving meals ever! Food brings family together, so why not bring them together around the food you grew! Now that is a conversation starter. This kit will allow you to grow your own pumpkin pie, and a main course loaded with hardy and healthy veggies like corn, beans, and squash to keep the cold away and the meal full of fiber and vitamins. This kit contains the following:
(1) Yellow wax Bush bean
(1) Contender Green Bush Bean
(1) Ambrosia Sweet Corn
(1) Danvers 126 Carrot
(1) Table King Bush Acorn Squash (winter)
(1) Delicata Squash (winter)
(1) Chioggia Beet
(1) Harris model parsnip
(1) Sugar Pie pumpkin

Ambrosia Sweet Corn

Approximate seeds per pack: 20
Days till maturity: 90

Ambrosia corn! A farmer’s market favorite, that you now can grow yourself! It is a peaches and cream variety of corn that is sweet, creamy and wonderful eaten raw or cooked! Dive into this sweet treat, always non-gmo of course!

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Carrot - Danvers 126 *Organic*

Seeds per pack: 500
Days till maturity: 70

Bright orange conical roots with rugged tops, strong. Perfect for heavy soil! Versatile variety for canning, freezing, storing, and carrot juice. Resists splitting. Make an ABC juice with this carrot, one apple, 1/4 of a beet and 1 carrot - nutrient packed and tasty!

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