Pollinator & Save The Bees Kit


Pollinator & Save The Bees Kit

This kit has it all. One thing that we promise is quality! Many of the “seed mixes” are loaded with fillers, this makes their profit margin high, and your satisfaction low. Many of their mixes are 90% weedy, and invasive “bully” field flowers, and 10% desirable beautiful flowers. At MIgardener we source every variety of seed and mix them in-house. We focus on their 10% and make it 100% of our mixes.

This kit will attract honeybees, native bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies! It is also made up of perennials AND annuals for lasting beauty year after year.
It contains:
13 packs of seed: (1) Autumn Beauty Sunflower, (1) Mammoth Sunflower, (1) Sungold Sunflower, (1) Hyssop, (1) Crackerjack mix marigold, (1) Bouquet Dill, (1) Borage, (1) Red Bachelor button, (1) blue bachelor button, (1) Iceland’s Finest Mixed Poppy, (1) Upland Wildflower mix *migardener mixed*, and (1) Echinacea (purple coneflower)

Also note: some of these flowers have a dual purpose of not only being beneficial for attracting pollinators into your garden, some are edible and can be used raw or in tea!

Mammoth Long Island Dill

Seeds per pack: 250
Days till maturity: 65

Amazing for pickling with. Plants grow 3-4 feet tall and spread out wide. Ferns are large and extremely fragrant. A must have in a garden for pest control and beneficial insect attraction.

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Upland Wildflower Mix

Seeds per pack: 500
Days till maturity: 50-110 (mixed flowers)

This premium flower mix is great for attracting pollinators, and filling in areas with loads of color. Upland flowers are geared for places that tend to be drier and receive less rainfall. There are many benefits to growing flowers, and it is save to say that the upland mix is one of our favorites for all around diversity and color variation.

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Iceland's Finest Poppy

Seeds per pack: 750
Days till maturity: 60-75

Iceland poppies are some of our most prized poppy varieties. Mixed orange, white, light red, and bright yellow puffs of pollen make these showy and very beneficial for honeybees. These love cooler weather and can tolerate colder temperatures than other poppy varieties. Plants grow shorter and are smaller than most poppy varieties making them great for a ground cover or landscaping.

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