Grow Your Own Salsa Kit


Grow your very own salsa! This is a fun project for kids and adults alike. Growing salsa is not only fun but it is delicious! We provide you with all the seeds necessary to make a sweet, mild, hot, and flaming hot salsa, as well as salsa verde! grow one, or grow them all!

Kit includes:
(1) Red burgundy onion
(1) Jalapeno pepper
(1) keystone giant bell pepper
(1) rio grande tomatillo
(1) Caribbean orange Habanero
(1) Slow-bolt Cilantro
(1) Ambrosia Sweet Corn
(1) White Sweet Spanish Onion

Roma - Tomato (VF Resistant) *organic*

Seeds per pack: 25
Days till maturity: 65

This tomato is classic! Grown for its massive yields, Bushy strong growing habits, and disease resistance. The Roma tomato can be used in paste, spaghetti sauce, salsa, salads, even eating fresh! The VF is Verticulum wilt resistant, and Fusarian wilt resistant. Drought tolerant, and a must have for the homestead! SUPER good for canning as well!

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Slow Bolt - Cilantro

Seeds per pack: 100
Days till maturity: 55

The Slobolt cilantro is a favorite for our gardens because it is not only delicious but it is slower to bolt than most cilantro varieties. This will get you into early summer no problem, and even dries fairly well although we recommend eating it fresh. Try in salsas, tacos, and guacamole! It is delicious!

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Jalapeno Early (Hot) - Pepper

Seeds per pack: 50
Days till maturity: 75

The Early Jalapeño Pepper is a great variety for Northern Gardeners. This variety reigns early, dark green to red in color. The peppers grow up to 3 inches, prolific producers. Can be eaten raw, cooked or pickled! These peppers are a wonderful ingredient to traditional guacamole or can be sautéed and added to fajitas!

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Keystone Giant Bell Pepper


Approximate seeds per pack: 50

Days till maturity: 75

This is a GIANT bell pepper, and it is SWEET! Wonderful for stuffing, grilling or tossing up in salads too! This plant produces decent amounts of massive peppers weighing several ounces each, and bigger than a softball in size. A truly amazing heirloom variety worth growing!


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Rio Grande Verde - Tomatillo

The prized tomatillo, this variety is the tomatillo of choice for most people wanting to make salsa verde. Sweet, flavors of green pepper and tomato all in one. Small amounts of seeds and the plant yields crazy amounts of fruit.

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White Sweet Spanish - Onion

Seeds per pack: 250
Days till maturity: 110

Majestic onions with a glimmery white skin and large bulbs, taste is mild and sweet. Entire plant is edible! Great to add to salsas, dips, cooking dishes, and salads.

Intermediate day onion

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Habanero Orange (Hot) - Pepper

Seeds per pack: 15
Days till maturity: 100

CAUTION! This innocent looking tiny pepper is very hot! Best suited for the daring, and those that love spicy food. Try this cute habanero to make your own "curtido" a latin cuisine version of sauerkraut - slice red onions, a lot of lime juice, slices of habanero pepper, with NO seeds and a bit of salt, let soak for 3 hours, and then enjoy to top off in tacos, burritos, etc.

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Ambrosia Sweet Corn

Approximate seeds per pack: 20
Days till maturity: 90

Ambrosia corn! A farmer’s market favorite, that you now can grow yourself! It is a peaches and cream variety of corn that is sweet, creamy and wonderful eaten raw or cooked! Dive into this sweet treat, always non-gmo of course!

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Red Burgundy - Onion

Seeds per pack: 250
Days till maturity: 95

A beautiful red onion worthy of any gardeners collection. Color is deep red and even purple, the size of bulbs can be expected to be around 1lb. but can be harvest smaller for more intense flavor. These onions are one of our favorite because they grow exceptionally well in a garden that does not get maintained very frequently, so they can be slightly neglected and not be harmed at all.

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