Grow Your Own Pizza Kit


Grow your very own pizza! This kit includes all the seeds essential to growing a pizza garden. Fun for the whole family! Not only will it teach kids where food comes from, but it will allow them to make one of the world’s most popular dishes right from home! The kit contains:
(1) Red burgundy onion (topping)
(1) Dark green parsley (sauce)
(1) Oregano (sauce)
(1) Sweet banana pepper (topping)
(1) Roma Tomato (for sauce and topping)
(1) Italian Large Leaf Basil (for sauce and topping)

Italian Oregano


Approximate seeds per pack: 500
Days till maturity: 60

A key herb in any italian, greek, or mexican cooking. A perennial, so you plant it once and you are set! Divide out clumps and plant around the garden for natural pest control or give to friends and family. Free plants makes a great gift. This plant will also attract honeybees and beneficial pollinators to the garden when it flowers.

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Roma - Tomato (VF Resistant) *organic*

Seeds per pack: 25
Days till maturity: 65

This tomato is classic! Grown for its massive yields, Bushy strong growing habits, and disease resistance. The Roma tomato can be used in paste, spaghetti sauce, salsa, salads, even eating fresh! The VF is Verticulum wilt resistant, and Fusarian wilt resistant. Drought tolerant, and a must have for the homestead! SUPER good for canning as well!

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Dark Green Flat Leaf Parsley


Approximate seeds per pack: 300
Days till maturity: 65

Savory and lemony! This parsley is great for all your fresh Italian dishes or as a garnish to all your warm soups. Dried or fresh it is one of the most common household herbs and is the most used around the world. Parsley is rich in vitamin C and is regarded as a super food because of its high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Perennial in nature, means that you plant this once and forever will be blessed with tons of this herb every year. First to grow in the spring, and last to die in the winter. This parsley is great on any dish that requires lemon! 

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Sweet Banana Pepper Seeds

Seeds per pack: 50
Days till maturity: 75

Sweet and tasty peppers pointed yellow fruit about 7 inches long. Thick walled fruit turn from light yellow to bright red. Popular for salads, frying, and pickling. These sweet banana peppers are great to top pizzas with a change from the green bell pepper!

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Red Burgundy - Onion

Seeds per pack: 250
Days till maturity: 95

A beautiful red onion worthy of any gardeners collection. Color is deep red and even purple, the size of bulbs can be expected to be around 1lb. but can be harvest smaller for more intense flavor. These onions are one of our favorite because they grow exceptionally well in a garden that does not get maintained very frequently, so they can be slightly neglected and not be harmed at all.

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San Marzano Tomato

Approximate seeds per pack: 25
Days till maturity: 75

The San Marzano tomato is the undisputed king of paste tomatoes. Each plant produces insane amounts of medium 3-5 ounce tomatoes. flavor is acidic, great for canning, tomato paste, pizza sauce, pasta sauce, and even fresh eating in salads!

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Basil - Dwarf Greek

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