Garden Bon Bons – Italian Herbs


Eight garden truffles in this herb collection, two each of Basil, Parsley, Chives and Thyme.

Garden Bon Bon descriptions:
Round Red Clay Truffle – Basil ‘Italian Large Leaf’/Ocimum basilicum. Classic Italian larger-leaved basil. Use in everyday cooking and pesto.

Red Clay Squares – Parsley ‘Giant of Italy’/Petroselinum crispum. A flat, flavorful large dark leaf parsley. Use in everyday cooking and for garnishes.

Red Clay Truffle + Coffee Bean – Chive/Allium shoenoprasum. A heavy-leafing chive,excellent fresh or dried; freezes well. The coffee bean is a natural pesticide.

White Whipped Clay Truffle – Winter Thyme/Thymus vulgaris. An excellent thyme variety. Use as a culinary staple.

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