Revive Rx (1 Gallon)


Revive RX 1 Gallon (9-1-1) 


*Professional grade liquid fertilizer
*For organic gardening
*Feeds up to 1 acre/gallon at highest strength

Revive Rx is the latest in the MIgardener plant food line. By harnessing the power of mother nature we have made it possible to have a highly potent liquid based fertilizer that is 100% water soluble. This can be used when starting seedlings, taking cuttings, reviving sick plants, used in drip systems, and hydroponics. With High nitrogen, gentle but balanced phosphorus and potassium, humic, fulvic, & lysine amino acids along with over 40 trace minerals plant stress will be a thing of the past and insane growth will be the new norm. Fast acting when you need it most.

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