$10 First Garden Starter Kit


First garden starter kit! Everything you need to start a garden except water, soil, and sun!
This starter garden kit is made from some of the garden classics. They are easy to grow, all heirloom, and are classic varieties that anyone can identify!

This Starter kit includes:
(1) Genovese Basil Seed Pack
(1) Big red Bell Pepper
(1) Buttercrunch OR (1) Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce Seed Pack
(1) Tokyo Long Bunching Onion Seed Pack OR (1) Sweet spanish Onion seed pack
(1) Amish Paste  OR (1) Red Pear tomato Seed pack
(1) Danver’s 126 Carrot Seed Pack
(1) Beefsteak OR (1) Delicious Tomato Seed Pack
(1) Red Russian Kale Seed Pack
(1) Paris Island COS (romaine) OR (1) Ruby Red Leaf Lettuce Seed Pack
(1) Marketmore OR (1) Spacemaster Cucumber Seed Pack

Note: Specific item details can be found on the item’s individual listing within the store regarding seed count, maturity times, and more! For growing tips check the growing guides section for video tutorials on how to grow specific vegetables.

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