Miniature Blue Popcorn


Seeds per pack: 20
Days till maturity: 90

This miniature blue popcorn stole ouyr hearts and our tastebuds. It is so blue and so beautiful that is almost doesn’t deserve being popped, but then once popped each kernel errupts with such force that is provides a uniform and delicious popcorn puff almost every time. This corn is NON-GMO and a true heirloom. Warning: this will make you never buy popcorn from the store again as the flavor is so much better than anything you can imagine.

how to pop:
stovetop – low/medium heat inside a deep pan with lid, add a small amount of oil (about 1 tbs. per 1/4 cup of kernals) and pop until popping slows. Be careful not to burn popcorn.

Microwave – Place popcorn inside a paper bag or microwave safe bowl with cover, pop either with a small amount of oil or without, it worked well both ways for us and resulted in the most uniform and consistent result.

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