Squash Vine Borer Be Gone™


Squash Vine Borer Be Gone™  (4 fl. oz.) 

An all natural, organic pest control option for preventing and deterring squash vine borers. By harnessing the power of pure essential oils, we have found that the pheromone blocking scents confuse the squash vine borers and if used during peak season once weekly your garden will remain free of these dreaded creatures!*

How to use:
1. Mix in 1 tbs. SVB Be Gone into 1 gallon of water with 2-3 drops of dish soap
2. Shake well
3. Apply to the base of the plant and spray tops and undersides of leaves till dripping
4. Re-apply every week in peak season for best results

*Not 100% guaranteed, but is VERY effective at controlling.

WARNING: Pure essential oils are VERY VERY concentrated. If any comes in contact with your skin wash thoroughly with soap and water, avoid ingestion and contact with eyes.

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