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Garlic is HERE!
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This year we are carrying over 18 different garlics! You will not want to miss out
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2024 Seeds Arrive This November!

individual seed packets are out of stock for the season! We are currently packing and adding 10+ new varieties!

The Garden Planner

Keep all your gardening notes organized in one place! An undated planner and journal that you can start at anytime to track all your gardening progress and growth!

The Autopilot Garden

Train your garden to practically grow itself with this new guide from YouTube gardening sensations Luke and Sindy Marion, founders of MIGardener.

MIgardener 2023 Seed Catalog

Browse over 700+ heirloom seeds!

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New MIgardener Favorites

Ten Fingers Naples

A beautiful roma-type tomato that produces copious amounts of plum-shaped tomatoes. This variety produces elongated 5-6 inch tomatoes with very few seeds and gel making it great for sauce, paste, and canning. The plants are a super bushy determinate that will need support for the number of tomatoes they produce.

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Late Flat Dutch Cabbage

Grows 10-15 pound heads. Absolutely huge! The heads are massive, and they will be ready for later in the season than your earlier smaller cabbages, but we just like to say “All good things take time” and this is no exception to that rule!

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Mulato Isleno Pepper

To get the full mulato experience, make sure to let this poblano pepper dry on the vine! The depth flavor of this variety is prune-like and smoky, making it a unique experience! This is a great companion for mole and chile con carne recipes!

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Garden Memories Candle Collection
There are so many fond moments spent and created in the garden that we wanted to bring them inside the comfort of your home!
New Seeds
Are you a plant lover? We carry an assortment of house plant accessories.