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Whether you are growing for market, or your own home, MIgardener is pleased to provide over 650 rare and unique vegetable, fruit, and flower seeds. Premium quality and always heirloom and organic.

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Train your garden to practically grow itself with this new guide from YouTube gardening sensations Luke and Sindy Marion, founders of MIGardener.

MIgardener Favorites

Porter Tomato

This heirloom was developed for the heat of Texas. An egg shaped variety that sets fruit even in hot, dry climates. Perfect for canning...

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Vates Collard

This 1950s variety is a non-heading, slow bolting variety with large greenish-blue leaves. Its sweet, delicious flavor is versatile for all cooking..

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Blue Hubbard Squash

This variety is a winter squash that will produce between 5 and 8 squash per plant. Fruits will weigh around two pounds a piece...

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Garden Memories Candle Collection
There are so many fond moments spent and created in the garden that we wanted to bring them inside the comfort of your home!
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